Without a doubt my BEST creation to date. And a competition!

Hi folks, today I want to accomplish a couple of things with this post.

The first is to introduce you to my best creation ever. His name is Arran and he was born on 2nd September at 1.11pm

For those interested he weighed 7lb 11oz.

Here he is thinking hard about something…












I think you’ll agree that he has inherited his father’s hairline. Hopefully his will grow though 🙂

So far fatherhood has involved sleepless nights and lots of cleaning up, but the bits in between, like the picture above, when he seems to be taking in the whole room and having wee thoughts, are just fantastic.

I look forward to the days ahead when his wee personality starts to develop and we can start to have some real fun together.

Next: the competition I wrote about.

So the idea for this began as an ebook I was developing. It was a PLR ebook which I was going to add to and produce a video from.

The subject was WordPress themes and plugins and the ones given were very useful. I also intend to build a blog containing the most useful plugins already installed and sell it as a package.

So, here’s my challenge:

Nominate your favourite WordPress plugin, theme, or tip and tell us all about it. You can…

  • Describe it in a comment below
  • Make a video of you explaining it and give us a link to your video.
  • You can recommend a paid plugin if you wish and add your affiliate link. (but please don’t abuse this one. You must actually use it and not just add a load of links.)
  • Write a tutorial blog post and give us the link.
  • Anything else you fancy.

The Prize:

I am giving away TWO licences for MailWasher Pro as prizes for this competition. I made a video describing this valuable SPAM avoidance tool which you can read Here

So, how do I choose the winners? Tough one, since it’s hard to decide on the best recommendation. So I will do as Kathy Dobson did on here blog and simply pick 2 winners at random from those who post.

So that’s the challenge. I look forward to reading your entries and picking a couple of winners. The competition will finish at 12pm UK time on the 25th September, so that gives us just over a week. As I said, the best entries will be added to my product and everyone whose idea is used will of course be credited and will get a free copy.

So, all the best and go to it!

Until next time,

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David Taylor

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