Affiliate Income Secrets Review

Anybody who has launched a product in the last year or so will most likely have heard of Mike From Maine. He runs a very successful interview and review site over at where he hosts daily interviews with online entrepreneurs.

He has finally released his secrets in this video course. In it he details the 12 steps that have allowed hime to be so successful, along with a quick start guide which will let anyone wishing to copy his methods do so easily.

Check out my review below.

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OptimizePlayer final day

Well it's the end of the OptimizePlayer launch and soon it will be reverting to full price.

If you have been reading my posts and emails you will know how excited I am about this product and its potential. I decided to create one more video to showcase some of the features actually in the video. So please watch the video below and get in touch if you have any more questions.

Remember the price goes up tonight at 11.59pm EST

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Response to question: why do we need video hosting when YouTube is free.

Today I had a question from a nice lady who visited my blog and asked the question:

"Why we would to pay for video hosting while we can upload it to ? I think it’s an easy way than buy a video hosting."

First, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Annette. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Second, while answering her question I realised I had written so much that it merited a new post of its own. So here goes, my answer to Annette's question:

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OptimizePlayer Review and Bonuses

Hi it's David again with the review I promised you yesterday. I put together a video about OptimizePlayer and the features that make it the new go-to service for anyone looking to add video to their marketing efforts, which in this age should be everyone.

As you can see, OptimizePlayer is a feature packed video hosting solution that easily rivals and surpasses services like Wistia, not only in functionality but, perhaps more importantly, cost for those services. One off lifetime access won't be around forever so if you like what you see, better jump on.

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How would you like to never have to pay for video hosting again?

Hi it’s David writing from a cold, windy Scotland. We were supposed to be having a heat wave! Perhaps this IS a heatwave for Scotland!!

Today I have a real treat for those of you who use video at all in their marketing (hint- should be ALL of you).

So here’s why you should be interested in Optimize Player.

I’ve mentioned in previous emails that YouTube is not a good choice for sales videos and private content. Too easy to share the content because the link is easy to share and, if you use it for a sales video, there is always a link back to YouTube.

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Commission Machine review & bonus

How R.A.P.I.D.L.Y. things change.

I hate being proved wrong. I really do.

I’ve been getting emails from everyone and his dog
about a certain launch going on just now and, aside
from the quite amusing one from the dog, I’ve been ignoring them all.

Know why? It’s because I hate joining the herd.

There are more bonus offers going at the moment than I’ve ever seen
and I’ve seen a few of them, just out of curiosity.

Have you guessed what the product is yet?

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AW Auto-Mate Released and my Interview Replay.

Happy New Year 2014!

Hi and welcome to my first post of 2014. I hope 2013 was a great year for you and that 2014 is even better.


Of course if you plan for it to be better, chances are much much more in your favour! (Look red squiggly underline, I’m from Scotland and that’s how ‘favour’ is spelled here! Leave me alone!)


I have lots of exciting plans for 2014 including a new software membership site and a huge push on list building. Results to follow!


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Are you introverted?

Hi folks,


I just finished watching this very interesting video on about introverts and how society seems more geared towards extroverts.

I watched with interest as I consider myself to be introverted. I am happier in quiet surroundings and get my best work done there. It’s not the same as being shy, as Susan Cain explains in her talk, but rather how we deal with external stimulation.

So if you consider yourself to be introverted, or even if you don’t, I’m sure you will find Susan’s talk interesting. Let me know what you think.

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What a Ride!

Well what a year this has been! Talk about a roller coaster ride!

So much has happened in the past year or so, I don’t know where to begin.

I quit my job!!!

Yip, that’s a BIG step for me. But we decided that we did not want to hand Arran off to a childminder every day and it made sense for me to stay at home. This will allow me to work on my business whenever Arran gives me time. (This is not a lot of time as I have recently discovered)

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Without a doubt my BEST creation to date. And a competition!

Hi folks, today I want to accomplish a couple of things with this post.

The first is to introduce you to my best creation ever. His name is Arran and he was born on 2nd September at 1.11pm

For those interested he weighed 7lb 11oz.

Here he is thinking hard about something…












I think you’ll agree that he has inherited his father’s hairline. Hopefully his will grow though 🙂

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